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Algae Removal in Phoenix Swimming Pools

Phoenix family in algae free backyard swimming Pool

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Most algae can typically be removed with an algaecide and other chemical swimming pool treatments if applied in the proper time frame.

Occasionally a pool will begin to grow what is called "black algae". Black algae is a much heartier type of algae then typical green algae and is best removed by draining the pool and performing what is called a "chlorine bath". When Pool Service Phoenix chlorine baths pools in Phoenix, Arizona we drain the pool completely then spray chlorine all over the plaster, pebble tec and into the pop-ups, leaf catcher, pool steps and any other nook and cranny that requires it.

We then scrub any chlorine spots, with a special emphasis on the areas that are needed for complete black algae removal in swimming pools. We scrub the areas that have noticeable black algae. When this is done we will them remove the chlorine from your pool and refill it with water.

Black algae is a particular nasty type of algae and it is sometimes necessary to empty the pool and remove the portion of plaster that has black algae on it with a jackhammer and re-plaster that area. 

This type of action is typically a last chance option and is usually only done after the chlorine bath has been tried but did not work.